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DivX, SanDisk Announce Agreement

San Diego — DivX and SanDisk announced a licensing agreement allowing SanDisk to include DivX technology in SanDisk’s Sansa line of video-enabled products.

As a result of the partnership, future SanDisk video products can now include interoperability with the DivX Stage6 video Web site. This partnership is designed to provide SanDisk consumers with access to the professional and user-generated video content available in the DivX format.

“Our agreement with SanDisk brings together pioneering consumer electronics with DivX’s expertise for digital video,” said Kevin Hell, President of DivX, Inc. “Adding DivX to the Sansa product line’s arsenal of features will provide cutting-edge media capabilities to consumers, and strengthen the common media language we’re building through the open DivX ecosystem.”

Products that bear the DivX Certified logo have reportedly undergone a testing program to ensure “a high-quality DivX media experience,” according to a release, including video playback and interoperability with other DivX Certified devices.

SanDisk expects to announce plans later this year for DivX support in its product lines.