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Distributors Wade Into 3D Waters

NEW YORK – Two new 3D printer partnerships were announced between vendors and distributors.

From desktop pioneer MakerBot comes word of a pact with national IT and CE resource D&H Distributing, while Wynit Distribution, a provider of CE, imaging, security and outdoor products, has closed a deal with Printrbot.

D&H has added MakerBot’s line of Replicator 3D printers, its Digitizer desktop scanner, and a host of 3D printing accessories to its assortment, with plans to target the medical/healthcare, government, manufacturing and K-12 education markets.

“We’re excited to partner with D&H to help expand the availability of MakerBot 3D printers and scanners in areas such as education, medical and healthcare, which we … see as crucial for the growth of the 3D printing market,” noted Mark Schulze, general manager of the Americas and emerging markets for Brooklyn-based MakerBot.

He added, “We’re especially thrilled about D&H’s strength in the education vertical. Just as it was for computers in the 1980s, we see educational use of 3D printers as an important catalyst for the broader adoption of the technology. D&H also reaches the top 100 consumer electronics and IT resellers in the United States, which we think will help us expand our sales channels across the U.S. to reach designers, educators and engineers.”

Last month Wynit similarly added MakerBot’s product line to its assortment, for dissemination to the educational, engineering and design markets.

In contrast, Wynit’s new partnership with Pintrbot will provide access to the California company’s affordable and easy-to-use Simple Metal 3D printer and accessories, which can help authorized resellers and dealers tap into the broader entry-level consumer segment.

“Printrbot’s 3D printers are not only affordable but very competitive when compared to more expensive desktop printers currently in the marketplace,” said Sarah Segrest, Wynit’s corporate business development manager. “Printrbot offers a simple, straightforward and high-quality option for consumers looking to get started with 3D printing.”