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Dish Wants To Sweeten Broadband Offerings


To compete with cable and telco TV
services’ bundled deals, Dish Network will also look
to soon sweeten its broadband offerings by leveraging
partnerships with satellite-internet service provider
WildBlue and its sister company Hughes Network

Joe Clayton, CEO, said WildBlue has developed
a new satellite-delivered broadband service that
is more effective than previous satellite Internet
attempts – offering up to 12Mbps of speed and
12GBs of data capacity. It will, however, require a
second dish on the roof.

He said the improvements should bring a real highspeed
Internet solution to millions of rural homes in
the United States.

“We’ll bundle it with our pay-TV service and the
sweet spot, we think, is a broadband/TV package for
under $100,” said Clayton. “This could be like shooting
fish in a barrel for rural America and that’s where
our strength is.”

A version of the broadband service offered through
partner WildBlue will launch in the first quarter, he
said, and a version provided through Hughes will
commence in the late summer. “We believe the market
is big enough to support two providers,” he said.