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DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket Gets Interactive Extras

El Segundo, Calif. – DirecTV will offer a menu of new interactive statistical information for its NFL Sunday Ticket sports tier starting this season.

The extras, which are designed to appeal to fantasy football league players, will include the ability to track player performances while viewing NFL regular season games on NFL Sunday Ticket, DirecTV said.

A new “Player Tracker” feature will allow fans to select up to nine NFL players from around the league and track their performance throughout the day via real time on-screen alerts on every NFL Sunday Ticket game channel, Game Mix, and Red Zone Channel.

The alerts appear when one of the selected players does anything of significance during a game.

A “My Players” statistical overlay can be called up at the touch of a button, to view up-to-the-minute cumulative statistics for selected players.

The new features will require a subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket package and DirecTV system equipment with interactive capability.

Other new features include a variety of team stats available on demand, including first downs, third-down efficiency, interceptions/interception yards and fumbles/fumbles lost.

Individual Stats have also been enhanced with stat lines for the top four players on each team in rushing, passing and receiving.

In addition, a “Today’s Best” tab will feature the top five players from the day’s NFL Sunday Ticket games in each of the three aforementioned categories.

New DirecTV residential customers who purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket package for four payments of $69.99 each will receive four free months of DirecTV’s top programming package, Total Choice Premier, for a savings of $400. The DirecTV offer is also available to new customers who subscribe to the DirecTV Para Todos Seleccion Premier Spanish-language package. Customers must activate by Oct. 2.

NFL Sunday Ticket customers can also add the NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan option for $99. SuperFan returns for the 2006 season offering more than 110 NFL games in high definition, the Red Zone Channel, Game Mix, and Short Cuts, a popular feature that replays every game in 30 minutes or less, commercial free.