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DirecTV Hikes Monthly Rates

El Segundo, Calif. — DirecTV said it will hike prices for its basic channel packages $2 per month to all subscribers, beginning Sept. 1.

The move expands the May 25 price increases that were imposed only on new subscribers to the remaining 8.2 million DirecTV subscribers.

Under the plan, rates for the Select Choice basic tier will rise from $19.99 to $21.99 per month, while Total Choice climbs from $29.99 to $31.99.

The $2 rate hike is also applied to all Total Choice premium packages, encompassing a total of 12 different programming options. In addition, DirecTV’s pay-per-view movie rates are increased $1 from $2.99 to $3.99 per order.

“The price increase results from our ongoing expansion of programming variety and value, which we intend to continue,” said Robert Mercer, DirecTV spokesman. “Down the line we will be adding new channels, investing in new interactive enhanced television services, and will expand our capacity and our customer service operations to ensure our customers get the best service available.”

He said DirecTV has added 23 channels over the past three years.