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Digital Wellness Products Abound


Health is also about wellness, and
plenty of companies are at International CES with solutions
for everyday wellness maintenance.


is showing the newest product to use
its EmWave technology for well-being and stress relief.

The EmWave Personal Stress Reliever uses color
LED displays, audio feedback and a stress-relief technique
to increase feelings of well-being.

Another stress-busting technology is being demonstrated



IDesia’s BioDynamic Signature (BDS) technology
is a heartbeat analysis-based solution for monitoring
and improving personal health, fitness and well-being,
the company said. It produces an “all in one biometric”
which enables consumers to gain awareness of excess
stress and high resting heart rate and potentially reduce
the severity of these conditions via a PC, mobile
phone or gaming peripheral.


is targeting seniors with its clinically tested
brain-fitness software program designed to combat
memory loss in people over 60. The new Dakim Brain-
Fitness software is a home edition of the company’s
brain training system currently used in senior living
communities. The software offers interactive brain exercises
filled with oldies music, film clips, newsreels,
story exercises, humor and variety.


is exhibiting its MyTrek wireless arm strap
heart rate monitor that uses Bluetooth to communicate
with health and medical apps on the iPod Touch,
iPhone and iPad.

Odin Resources

is demonstrating its Somnologic
advanced audio technology, which promises to
deliver audio programs that promote healthy, natural
sleep patterns using complex and sophisticated algorithms
to provide a means of achieving more efficient,
restful sleep.