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DigiFi, Kleer Intro Wireless Multiuser Ear Buds

DigiFi has teamed up with fabless semiconductor developer Kleer for the Opera, a wireless over-the-ear-style ear bud with iPod adapter.

Using Kleer’s 2.4GHz radio-link wireless technology, Opera offers users CD-quality audio and 10 hours of continuous play time as a result of its lossless compression and low latency capabilities, the company said. A reference design of the product was demonstrated by Kleer at this year’s International CES but no specific manufacturing partners were announced until now.

Kleer’s proprietary point to multi-point Listen in technology enables up to four users, each with a set of Opera ear buds, to simultaneously listen to the same audio stream. All Kleer-based products are interoperable, enabling the Opera ear bud to receive wireless audio from any Kleer-based portable media player.

“Kleer’s wireless audio semiconductor design enabled us to fulfill our vision to deliver to our customers a low-cost, CDquality wireless earbud that combines ease of use with many hours of play time. ” said Park No Young, CEO, DigiFi.

“Opera offers people a way to listen to their iPod without having to contend with all the wires.,” said Levent Gun, Kleer’s president/CEO. “Companies like DigiFi know that the future is wireless and are actively designing the products customers want.”

Opera was released initially in Korea and Japan on May 1, and will be distributed worldwide beginning in June.

Opera will retail for $98 per kit.