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Digeo Tests Moxi TV For PC

Kirkland, Wash. — Digeo, maker of the Moxi digital media recorder (DMR), has introduced Moxi TV for PC, a software application designed to enable PC users who have a TV tuner card and Windows XP to use their PCs as a DMR.

A free beta version of the program that allows users to watch, record and play TV content from their PC will be available for download “by a select group of participants” for a limited time at

The Moxi set-top box is currently available through cable providers, but Digeo said it is also planning to bring a Moxi multiroom HD DMR to retail outlets soon. According to a release, the Moxi TV for PC software incorporates many of the features found in each of the set-top boxes.

“There is tremendous opportunity to improve the home theater PC experience, and the Moxi TV for PC beta offers a glimpse at the potential for the space. We welcome this chance to provide select consumers a sneak peek of the Moxi experience as we near delivery of solutions for both the PC and the TV,” said Mike Fidler, CEO of Digeo in a release.

The company said that the Moxi Menu allows users to “intuitively explore two weeks of TV programming, watch live TV, schedule recordings and access other multimedia features including music, photos and DVD viewing.” The software is said to support standard-definition recording and to work with a variety of tuner cards.

According to Digeo, candidates who would be interested in testing the software will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.