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D&H Offers $38M In Credit, Education Plans

Harrisburg, Pa. — D&H Distributing is offering $38 million in new credit, new educational programs and opportunities to its retail and installer customers.

Offerings such as the Business Assurance credit program, which will amount to $38 million in new credit for D&H customers; the forthcoming “Better Business” seminars at the distributor’s 2009 trade show events; and always-accessible educational tools like the “D&H TV” online webisodes are helping customers gain the resources and savvy they need to navigate the down economy, D&H said.

“Our customers are reaching out for support, from financing to sales strategies to guidance on how to run their businesses. Now more than ever, dealers and installers need to know what categories to specialize in to turn the most profit. They need to leverage their distribution partners’ strengths in order to thrive, so we’re gearing up with the kind of assistance they’re asking for,” said Mary Campbell, marketing VP at D&H. “Our focus is consistent. We’re committed to making sure that our customers remain successful.”

D&H is also looking toward the future for hidden growth opportunities due to Circuit City’s exit that could create opportunities for smaller dealers and retailers to fill that market void, the distributor said.

D&H’s Business Assurance credit progra will disseminate a total of $38 million in credit through a two-tier program that will benefit hundreds of D&H customers in the CE, home entertainment and gaming arenas. This influx could generate a 10 to 20 percent sales increase among these customers, at a time when other credit avenues are diminishing, and could help them take advantage of new opportunities that might have otherwise been unattainable, the distributor said.

D&H will continue to conduct its full roster of live trade show events this year. Seminars will include new sessions devoted to helping dealers do more efficient business.

In addition to trade show sessions, D&H offers educational streaming media “webisodes,” accessible through These value-added presentations deliver solutions-based tutorials on new technologies and verticals, introducing customers to the latest sales strategies and opportunities. Current D&H webisodes spotlight TomTom GPS solutions; new electronics from Logitech, Nokia and Samsung; and the “HP Total Solution” for home or business. Forthcoming sessions include a presentation on netbooks and ASUS’ Eee PCs.

“There is room for growth in the consumer electronics channel. We’re still imagining the opportunities that will generate from the shake-ups we’re seeing now,” said Rob Eby, vice president of purchasing at D&H. “If we can keep our dealers and installers educated and provide resources like credit to give them purchasing power even in the hardest times, we’ll all thrive together. D&H has had the experience to see trends of this kind evolve over time, which is why we are still optimistic and keeping our eye on where the trends are heading. Eventually, they will lead somewhere profitable for our dealers, and D&H will be there to meet their needs.”