D&H Launches Earth Day Promotion


Harrisburg, Pa. - D&H Distributing has kicked off its Earth Day 40th Anniversary promotion, which runs from Jan. 1 to April 16, designed to encourage environmentally friendly purchases. 

As D&H dealers, retailers, e-tailers and installers buy eco-friendly products, their "green" purchases are illustrated on a personal, virtual "tree" that charts their progress on


Once customers hit a green purchasing goal of 40 items (a "full" tree), they are entered for a chance to win a hybrid Grand Prize Toyota Prius, to be awarded on Earth Day, April 22.  These dealers can choose from more than 4,000 green-certified products for this promotion. 

In addition, dealers can take part in a new D&H program through the Engaged Recycling company, which will offer Visa gift cards to customers for the value of products they trade-in for recycling. 

D&H is giving away other Earth-friendly prizes as part of the promotion, from January to April, such as Samsung LED TVs, low energy-consumption Lenovo notebooks, and Bookeen e-book readers.  These secondary prizes will be awarded to randomly selected D&H customers who have purchased green products during the promo months.  E.g., customers don't need a full tree in order to qualify for these prizes.

"Rather than create promotions that simply drive revenue, the D&H team wanted to encourage responsibility.  These promotions will help proliferate more energy-efficient infrastructures throughout the marketplace, and they encourage recycling in general.  It also rewards our manufacturer partners for producing conservative products, while providing a dynamic activity and an impressive grand prize for customers," said Jeff Davis, sales senior VP at D&H Distributing.  "The demand for eco-friendly products won't go away any time soon, especially if our customers can communicate how these items create efficiencies."

Each customer can only be entered to win the car once.  All qualifying customers with a full tree will receive a D&H "green" tote bag at the end of the promotion, the distributor said.

D&H is also launching a program in conjunction with Engaged Recycling, a developer of simple, safe and smart trade-in and recycling solutions.  D&H customers can trade-in used product at the customer's location in exchange for a rewards value.  If the CE device has no trade-in value, the consumer and the dealer can be assured that the item will be recycled using the highest level of environmentally sustainable practices.

"We're glad to be working with a company like D&H.  It provides their customers an opportunity to offer a trade-in program at no cost to the customer.  In addition, this base of customers can generate a significant amount of recycled materials, some of which can be detrimental to the environment if not disposed of in the correct way," said Tim Vranizan, sales VP of Engaged Recycling.  "This is a very decent effort on the part of D&H to encourage the recovery of reusable substances and the appropriate disposal of potentially hazardous ones, and we appreciate their involvement." 

 Dealers, retailers, e-tailers and installers can easily identify "green" products on DandH.com.  They are marked by leaf-shaped icons in the online catalog, and can be searched through the site's "green" Web refinement tool, where more than 2,000 items can be additionally sorted via manufacturer, product category or price.  Select green products will also be featured on the D&H Earth Day Promotion page.  Green products on dandh.com are defined as using less power, incorporating renewable resources, being Energy Star- or RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)-compliant, or having some other ecologically-conservative attribute.

D&H's 2010 Earth Day celebration promo is part of the company's ongoing "Go Green" initiative, which endorses environmentally responsible policies among its customers, its vendors, and within the company.  It has included an increase in off-site and in-house recycling, the installation of energy-efficient equipment at all five warehouses, paper-reducing printing procedures, and tools that help customers identify and market eco-friendly products.


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