D&H To Dealers: Hold Holiday Events Year-Round

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Harrisburg, Pa. - D&H Distributing is reminding retailers to emphasize sales around events all year round, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day and more through creative displays and product bundles. 

Strategies as simple as clustering together devices in pink and red for Valentine's Day, such as digital cameras, MP3 players and accessories, may help put ideas into consumers' heads.  Similarly, a bundle consisting of a powder-pink Canon PowerShot camera, a keychain-sized Coby digital frame, Joby Gorillapod camera stand and Creative mesh case in matching hues, presented with a sampler box of chocolate, might motivate gift purchases, D&H said.

Consumer electronics and accessories are available in schemes ranging from jewel tones to designer art to sequined plaid, making it easy to create customized displays for Mardi Gras, Mother's Day, Father's Day and other celebrations that have kept stores like Hallmark in the pink for decades. 

For example, to inspire parents to shop electronics for Easter, retailers might display basket-sized, youth-oriented gadgets in pastel or candy colors, such as digital media players, ear phones, cellphones, gaming accessories or skins.  A search on


 for the color "red" brings up more than 1,200 products alone, ranging from computer bags and e-reader cases, to kitchen appliances, to input devices, to iPod accessories.

Appealing to women, both as recipients and as purchasers, can aid this approach.  Beyond their serving as obvious targets for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day presents, research shows that women have a major influence over purchasing decisions for consumer technologies within the household, the distributor suggested.

Women spend as much as $125 billion on CE per year and hold sway over more than 50 percent of the buying power, according to one CEA study -- and this authority likely extends to year-round holiday gift buying.

Female Baby Boomers in particular, born between 1946 and 1964, are coming into an era of increased affluence, statistically having accumulated wealth through savings or even inheritance.  Such trends may contribute to the new popularity of CE-based "purse purchases," or electronic devices that are small enough to easily slip into a handbag.  Such strategies can play into the retailer's marketing efforts.

"With a little imaginative brainstorming, retailers can plant seeds for the consumer, getting them to think in terms of CE gifts for holidays well beyond Black Friday," said Mary Campbell, marketing VP at D&H Distributing.  "This approach can generate incremental revenues on a monthly basis.  It's not beyond possibility to envision technology becoming a part of the gift giving tradition for a whole list of events, from romantic holidays to family-based ones."


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