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DenonLink Interface Ships

Pine Brook, N.J. — Denon has begun offering receivers with a proprietary DenonLink digital input approved by Sony and Philips to transfer SACD audio in digital form between an SACD player and an A/V receiver.

The company previously announced that DenonLink had been approved by Sony and Philips for the planned SACD 2.0 spec and for the updated SACD 1.3 spec.

DenonLink is promoted as delivering higher quality signal than IEEE-1394 connectors, said by Denon to induce clocking error and high jitter unless expensive means are adopted to prevent the problems.

The SACD-compatible DenonLink 3rd Edition is available in the AVR-3805 and AVR-5805 receivers and in the planned AVR-4806. A DenonLink 3rd upgrade will also be available to current owners of 5803 receivers equipped with a previous DenonLink version.

The company also plans to offer DenonLink 3rd on the DVD-5910, DVD-3910, and DVD-5900 universal DVD-Audio/SACD players. Current owners of these models will also be able to obtain the upgrade.

Previous DenonLink versions carried DVD-Audio, CD audio and DVD-Video soundtracks, eliminating multiple cable connections between a DVD-Audio/Video player and a receiver.