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Denon Prepares Retrofit Upgrades

Mahwah, N.J. –


will upgrade a pair of its 4-year-old flagship audio components adding full 3D HDMI passthrough,the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 and Audyssey DSX technologies, and Dolby Pro Logic IIz.

The upgrades will be available in
October for the AVR-5308CI A/V receiver and AVP-A1HDCI preamp-processor at
pricing that hasn’t been set. The upgrades consist of hardware and firmware
upgrades that will be installed by Denon’s factory service centers.

 The updates mark the fourth major retrofit upgrade
that Denon has launched for its high-end products and signifies the company’s
commitment “to ensuring that our customers are ‘future ready’ and remain at the
leading edge of all the latest performance-enhancing technologies,” said Jeff
Talmadge, product development and systems integration director.

Pro Logic IIz post-processing adds
front-height channels to a surround system. Audyssey DSX adds left and right
height and width channels. Audyssey’s MultEQ XT32 room acoustic correction
system automatically tailors response to compensate for a room’s acoustics.
It’s promoted as 32 times more accurate than the base MultEQ XT system that it
replaces in the original products.

Denon owners can visit the company’s
website (
to sign up for email updates about the program.