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Dell Joins AirFuel Alliance Board; New Members Announced

Dell has joined the board of directing companies of the AirFuel Alliance.

The global consortium of industry leaders that focuses on enabling and accelerating the adoption of wireless power technology also welcomed 13 new companies to its membership roster, now more than 170 strong.

Bury, Cyspo Technology, DAVACO Ditigal, D3, Dell, HancomGMD, HCT, Infineon Technologies, InforCharge, Molex, RFTech, Semichips and Shenzhen Yijieneng Technology are all new members and have pledged support for creating an open, wireless-charging ecosystem.

Liam Quinn, chief technology officer of Dell’s end user computing group, will also join the AirFuel Alliance’s executive board of directors. “The wireless-charging industry is at an exciting inflection point and so is the AirFuel Alliance,” said Quinn. “Dell is looking forward to being a proactive, engaged member.”

In addition, Intel went on the record to confirm its continued support and commitment to wireless charging. “AirFuel standards are driving the creation of products and solutions that give consumers the wire-free existence they crave. We are excited to welcome new members into the Alliance,” said Shiri Shneorson, Intel VP.

Dell is a natural fit for the Alliance as it recently partnered with veteran member WiTricity to produce the world’s first system to wirelessly charge notebook computers based on the AirFuel specification. Built using magnetic resonance technology, the system broke new ground in high performance 30-watt wireless charging for the notebook PC market.

“Dell’s end users are demanding the convenience and freedom of a world without wires and Dell is proud to be leading the way with the AirFuel Alliance,” said Kirk Schell, VP/general manager. “We look forward to working with AirFuel to deliver the high power, resonant-based wireless-charging solutions necessary to enable a true industry standard ‘no wires’ computer experience — and to bringing the next generation of wireless-charging innovations to market.”