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Dell, Gateway Revamp Product Lines

Dell and Gateway each pushed out new products in late February with Dell adding a higher capacity Dell DJ music player and Gateway bringing out a computer powered by an Intel 64-bit processor.

In addition to the DJ, Dell began added new gaming and Media Center notebooks in its Inspiron line.

Like the iPods Apple introduced in February, the new DJ features a 30GB hard drive capable of holding 15,000 songs. However, at $299, it is priced $50 lower then its competitor. It joins the already available $249 20GB DJ Jukebox.

The notebook additions include the Inspiron XPS Gen 2 gaming model and the Inspiron 9300 Media Center line.

Like all Dell models consumers can either configure the XPS Gen 2 to their taste or choose from preconfigured options. The base model has a $2,749 street price and is equipped with an Intel Pentium M 760 Processor running at 2GHz, 17-inch display, 512GB of memory, 60GB hard drive, DVD/CD burner combo, a 256MB NVIDA GeForce Go 6800 Ultra video card and the Media Center operating system. Fully tricked out with a dual- format, double-layer DVD burner, 2GB of memory, Pentium 770 2.13GHz processor and other add-ons, the price hits $3,600.

The Inspiron 9300, starting price $1,599, is a desktop replacement model that also uses the Media Center OS. It comes with a TV tuner option, DVI and S-Video ports for full Media Center functionality. Basic PC features include a Pentium M processor with 2.1GHz speed, 17-inch display and 64MB Intel graphics card.

Gateways introductions include a new PC line that the company is describing as its most customizable products ever, even capable of utilizing Intel’s new Pentium 4, 600 series 64-bit microprocessor.

The Gateway 9310 Series is available immediately only through Gateway’s direct sales channels. The chassis design is optimized to take advantage of Intel Balanced Technology Extended architecture, which allows for better convection cooling of PC components. The chassis comes with seven empty bays and five PCI slots.

At the highest end the customer can add a 500GB hard drive, 4GB of DDR2 memory and Gigabit Ethernet networking through the company’s configure-to-order engine. However, Gateway’s preconfigured models start with the 9310S, suggested retail price $1,099, which is equipped with a Pentium 4 3GHz processor, 512GB of RAM, 17-inch flat-panel monitor, DVD/CD-RW burner and an nVidia 128MB 6200TC PCI-E Video Card.

Fully equipped models will cost in excess of $2,000.

For consumers interested in lower priced PCs, Gateway introduced three other configure-to-order models: the 3310S, 5310S and the 7310S.

The first has a $499 starting price and can powered by one of several Intel Celeron processors; the next model allows the consumer to step up to a Pentium 4 processor and add as much as 2GB of DDR SDRAM memory and SATA hard drives for a $599 suggested retail price.

The 7310S, $799, has Pentium processors with Hyper Threading Technology and a PCI Express slot.