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DECT Forum Responds To Security Questions

Berlin — After hackers at a technology tradeshow demonstrated an ability to intercept encrypted DECT telephony signals, the DECT Forum issued a statement to reassure consumers that the technology was indeed secure.

According to published reports, researchers at the 25th annual Chaos Communications Congress demonstrated the security breaches using a Linux laptop. The breaches reportedly would occur with either the current DECT standard and the forthcoming CAT-iq update.

The researchers were able to intercept DECT phone calls and record them.

“The DECT Forum welcomes open discussions about how the implementations of the DECT standard can be improved”, said Erich Kamperschroer, DECT Forum chairman, in a statement. “Therefore we are looking forward to collaboration with researchers in order to discuss their research results and find measures how to further improve a reliable and mature technology that is used worldwide every day by millions of users.”

According to the forum, it is “impossible to accidentally eavesdrop on telephone conversations and therefore the risk for users is very low. Only those with a clear criminal energy and intent and a sophisticated knowledge would be capable of eavesdropping.”