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DDR3 DRAM To Take Over In 2010.

El Segundo, Calif. – The research firm iSuppli said DDR3 PC DRAM
memory will begin to dominate the market in the latter half of 2010.

iSuppli said it expects more then half of the DRAM shipping in
the second half of next year to be comprised of DDR3 modules, surpassing the
current leader DDR2 memory. By the end of 2010 DDR3 memory will make up 71.3
percent of all DRAM shipped, iSuppli said.

DDR3 memory is faster and uses less power then DDR2.

iSuppli’s reasoning is based on the fact that Intel’s latest
microprocessor architecture will only run with DDR3 DRAM modules, unlike the
current crop that can also operate with both varieties. In addition, DDR3
manufacturing capabilities will soon be on par with the older technology,
enabling companies to make the modules faster and at a lower cost.

The rise of DDR3 does not connote an immediate decrease in the
market’s need for DDR2. iSuppli is expecting significant amounts of DDR2 to
ship throughout 2010.

Percentage of Global DRAM Shipments by Technology