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Darbee Unveils Imaging Depth Enhancement

ANAHEIM, CALIF. — DarbeeVision, based here, used the recent
Computex show in Taipei, Taiwan, to unveil a digital image-
processing system that reportedly adds 3D-like depth
cues to 2D images.

The company’s Visual Presence IP core, the DV3000, is
said to insert depth cues to create images that seem to pop
off the screen to create an immersive visual experience with
2D material.

Images have enhanced depth and more lifelike qualities than
static 2D images.

The DV3000 improves images by using digital logic to process
an image in the same way a human brain does and then
adds these results back into the original image, making them
better than what the most perfect camera and display systems
can produce, the company said.

“A logic block that can be synthesized into all leading founding
digital libraries, the new Darbee IP core allows consumer
electronics manufacturers to differentiate their products
without adding significant cost, as it easily integrates anywhere
in the pixel path — with low gate overhead,”

said in a statement.
Darbee Visual Presence is said to be unaffected by compression
and uprezzing. It also enhances stereoscopic 3D,
adding additional realism to the viewing experience.

Market applications include television sets, video game consoles,
mobile devices, digital picture frames, and aftermarket
TV accessory boxes.

Darbee processing is performed in real time and surpasses
HD 1080p/60 resolution. The technology does not require
a full frame buffer, runs at pixel-clock rates and utilizes all-integer
arithmetic, the company said. The processing is local,
modifying the image luminance on a per-pixel basis with no
effect on grain, noise or pre-existing sharpening.

Darbee is making the DV3000 IP core available now for licensing.
DarbeeVision’s technology will next be deployed as a graphics
processing unit workstation and as an accessory box based
on a field-programmable gate array, the company said.