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Cyberpower PC Intros Zeus Gaming Models

Baldwin Park, Calif. – Custom gaming PC maker Cyberpower PC today
introduced its Zeus and series of desktop computers.

The Zeus series consists of the Lighting and Thunder

The Zeus Thunder series will offer four SKUs: the 1000,
2000, 3000 and MAX. All will feature Intel’s second-generation 3.6GHz Core i7
3830 Sandy Bridge quad-core processor with 10MB of L3 cache and HyperThreading

The Lightning 1000 and 2000 are powered by the AMD FX 8-core
desktop processor for playing advanced 3D games.

The models are all configure-to-order. They can be equipped
with a range of DDR3 memory capacities from Kingston and Corsair. Solid-state
drives are also standard.

The components are housed in a NZXT Swith 810 full-tower
chassis that can be modified to include Cyberpower PC’s Advanced Hydro liquid
cooling. Additional cooling and improved airflow is handled with the addition
of up to 10 120mm fans.

Base pricing for the Thunder series is $1,329, and $999 for
the Lightning models.