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CTIA Highlights New Charging Solutions

Las Vegas – Several new charging solutions are entering the market
today at International CTIA Wireless 2010.


is debuting its EcoCharge twin-device travel charger which
reduces standy power draw (“vampire power”) by 10 times less than
the EPA Energy Star No Load Requirement.

The charger features a hidden
USB port for charging two devices at once.

An onboard LED alerts a user
when the charger is drawing power from the outlet and when it is not. When the
LED is off, the EcoCharge is active.

The vertical form factor fits
into any power strip or wall outlet without covering other outlets.  

Two SKUs are currently available, a Micro USB and Mini USB, both retailing for $29.99. An iPhone version will be available in April.


will expand its line of wireless charging products with two
new receiver cases for iPhone, a soft silicone case that combines protection
and wireless charging, and another model that adds extended battery
capabilities. Both case covers allow wireless “drop and charge” on any Powermat
charging mat and include Micro-USB access for syncing and a USB-to-Micro-USB

The receiver case is $39.99
and the extended-battery model is $79.99. Both will be available in June.

The company will also show its
Powermat 1X, 2X and 3X charging mats, originally announced at International CES
in January but now beginning to ship. The multi-device models instantly
handshake with each device as it placed on the mat to determine make, model,
capacity and percentage charge needed. Once the device is charged, the mat
immediately cuts charging power. Each mat position has its own charging access
point to charge independently of the other. The one-, two- and three-position
device pads will retail, respectively, for $39.99, $59.99 and $79.99, or for an
additional $20 each, bundled with the Powermat’s PowerCube universal receiver.

Cellular Innovations-brand car
and travel chargers, from

Mizco International

, also make their debut, and
the company announced that it will enter the cellphone handset-repair market
with the introduction of a guaranteed seven- to 10-day battery-pack-delivery