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Consumers Welcome Google, Yahoo! To Video

As Google and Yahoo! expand into the television content arena, they will find welcome fans among America’s consumers, according to a new research from Points North Group and Horowitz Associates.

One-third of Internet users are interested in Google Video and 41 percent are interested in Yahoo! Go, both of which are new video-oriented services. The independent online survey probed interest levels by having respondents read a description of each service.

“The early level of consumer interest shows solid potential for the Google and Yahoo! video services,” said Craig Leddy, senior analyst for Points North Group. “Consumers are attracted to these popular Internet brands and by the prospect of their enhancing on-demand TV.”

Interest in the two services is much higher among Internet users aged 18 to 34 than with other demographic groups. For Yahoo! Go, 54 percent of respondents expressed interest, while 46 percent said they are interested in Google Video.

When asked about what type of devices they would like to use with Google Video, 22 percent said their computer or laptop, 20 percent said the TV, 4 percent selected an iPod or related entertainment device, and 3 percent said a cellphone or PDA. For Yahoo Go!, the responses were 31 percent for computer/laptop, 14 percent TV, 10 percent cellphone or PDA, and 5 percent iPod or similar device. Respondents could select more than one device.

Google Video allows Internet users to download replays of TV shows, including prime-time hits including CBS’s CSI and classics such as The Brady Bunch, for $1.99 per episode. Yahoo! Go enables users to access information and entertainment stored on Yahoo from any device that can connect to the Internet, including a computer, cellphone or TV.

The findings are based upon an independent online survey of 500 consumers.