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CompUSA Debuts Vista Readiness, Trade-In Program

Dallas – CompUSA launched a program, Get Ready ForVista, that will evaluate for free a consumer or small business computer to see if it is Vista ready, and the retailer is guaranteeing customer satisfaction with the software or they get a refund.

The computer retailer also announced a notebook trade-in program where the old notebook’s value is deducted from the cost of a new model.

The evaluations are handled by CompUSA TechPro technicians at all of the chain’s 229 locations and online at The in-store Vista check up takes about five minutes. The customer can either bring in the notebook or PC or just the specifications for the TechPro to review. The online test takes only seconds.

A CompUSA spokesperson said those who visit the store gain the benefit of being able to speak to the TechPro who can fill them in on Vista’s highlights.

The company said the program is open ended at this point, however any customer that brings their computer to CompUSA prior to 3 p.m. on Jan. 29, will receive the evaluation and can have it installed at the store for $19.99, plus the cost of the software.

Any customer who uses CompUSA’s technicians to install the software receive the money back guarantee and have their original operating system re-installed, the company said.

Dubbed CompUSA’s Trade-Up Notebook Program, it starts on Jan. 30 in 192 stores, all locations except those in California. The old notebook’s value is based on condition, specifications and age. The unit must be in working condition and the new notebook purchase must be made on the day the old model is traded in, the company said.