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Cobra Offers Free Nav. Software Updates

Chicago – Cobra Electronics has enhanced its latest navigation device’s ability to avoid traffic by offering a free software update for its NAV ONE 4000 and 4500

Cobra said the software provides new features and enhancements that will improve drivers’ time on the road. Cobra added that it has implemented dozens of updates in its software version 2.0. Among the enhancements to the products are:

  • New Graphics: Accompanying the original five-inch touch screen with automatic brightness control for day or night viewing, the unit now provides an enhanced 3D display, which includes six sky backgrounds. In the 4500, Cobra has also enhanced the traffic display and now offers four colors on the map to indicate light, medium, heavy and stopped traffic. In addition, a new “at-a-glance” traffic display screen shows the driver traffic problems and provides an “avoid heavy traffic” detour screen;
  • Speed Warnings: The new speed warning alerts the user if the speed setting is exceeded (e.g., if the user sets this feature to 40 mph, the unit will announce “speed 40” when the speed is reached). The speed warnings help drivers navigate more safely;
  • Additional Personalized Route Options: New routing options include a “prefer main roads” route offering, which directs the driver to major roads, thus shortening overall driving time and
  • Superior Destination Entry: The improved search capability provides drivers with points of interest lists 10 times faster than before, while new EZ Search automatically completes partial entries when searching for a destination. The software update also provides the user with the option of two keyboards, ABC and QWERTY.

Consumers can get their free software update by downloading it from the Cobra Web site or by sending their unit to Cobra’s headquarters. More information is available at