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Cobra Catering To Outdoor Consumers With New Devices

LAS VEGAS — Cobra headed to International CES with its arsenal full of new products in a range of categories.

It expanded its AirWave Bluetooth speaker line with two waterproof models: the AirWave Box and AirWave Mini. Both can be used as handsfree portable speakerphones and can connect directly to a car or home stereo.

The AirWave Mini features a dust-resistant and waterproof exterior, while the Box can be completely immersed in water. Both have up to nine hours of music playback and up to 120 hours of standby time.

Also catering to its water-conscious consumer, the CXT 1035 floating walkie-talkie two-way radio is said to have a 37-mile range and provides access to NOAA weather and emergency alerts.

The marine radio, which also has a built-in LED flashlight, features the company’s Rewind-Say- Again technology, which enables users to rewind for up to 20 seconds of playback.

In GPS navigation systems, the 8500 Pro HD is engineered for “professional drivers,” Cobra said. Details include a 7-inch touchscreen and internal speakers, and it comes with lifetime access to the company’s Aura database of speed/ red-light cameras, known speed-trap locations and nearby dangerous intersections, live diesel fuel prices, live weather, Junction View with Lane Assist, state mileage log, trip-cost calculator and hours-of-service timers.

Cobra is launching three additions to its power category. The CPP 100 and CPP 300 solar-powered portable chargers come with both a solar panel and a 600 mAh lithium-ion battery, as well as a USB port and battery-status indicator.

The CPP 100 has a 2.1-amp outlet while the CPP 300 comes with a 1-amp MicroUSB outlet and a 2-amp dual USB outlet.

A third product, the CPP 7500 Mini JumPack, pulls double-duty as a portable power solution and a vehicle jump-starter. It features a 200-amp starting current, 400-amp peak current, 2.1-camp USB output and a 7,500 mAh lithium-cobalt battery.

Pricing and shipping information weren’t available at press time.