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Clarity Ships Extra-Loud Speakerphone

Chattanooga, Tenn. – Plantronics’ Clarity division today launched Giant, an extra-loud hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone designed for conference calls.

Giant provides 80dB of amplification minimizes background noise and amplifies only the human voice.

Features include a large, color touchscreen with extra-large font, extra-loud ringer with a visual flasher, built-in digital answering machine function, a talking keypad and talking Caller ID.

Giant, based on Clarity’s Fortissimo speakerphone design, is expandable with up to four handsets from the company’s XLC series. 

To enhance customer service, Giant is equipped with ClarityLogic, through which Clarity technicians can remotely access and make adjustments to a user’s device. Clarity representatives can adjust the volume, program the phonebook and make upgrades remotely. 

“Giant is one of the loudest speakerphones ever created,” said Carsten Trads, president of Clarity. “The reason we developed Giant is because so many of us have experienced the poor sound quality of the speakerphones available in cellphones or standard home phones. So often people want an entire room to hear a conversation, to wish ‘Happy Birthday’ to a loved one, or discuss details of a business venture with colleagues. Giant is one of the only phones developed specifically for this need, and we’re excited to make it available to our customers.”

Giant is now available at for $329.95 and at select retailers nationwide.