Cisco's Flip Video Launches Second-Gen HD Camcorder

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San Francisco - Cisco-owned Flip Video launched a second-generation Flip MinoHD camcorder that doubles memory capacity, offers a larger screen and adds HDMI output compared to its first-generation predecessor, the company said.

The device's embedded video-management and -editing software also adds direct uploading to Facebook when connected to a PC. Like its predecessor, the new model also posts to YouTube and MySpace.

Flip MinoHD

The $229 device is available at retail.

The new Flip MinoHD features 8GB of embedded memory, two hours of 720p recording time, 2-inch transflective screen to eliminate glare in direct sunlight, and HDMI output for direct digital connection to an HDTV. It joins the original Flip MinoHD, at $199 with one-hour recording time, and the non-HD Flip Mino, at $149.

The new MinoHD also adds brushed-metal finish, slightly rounder design and touch-sensitive buttons. Other features include 960 by 240-pixel display resolution, built-in omni-directional microphone, speaker with software volume control, rechargeable two-hour lithium-ion battery, widescreen TV output and 2x digital zoom.

Flip Video was acquired by Cisco in May of 2009 and operates as part of Cisco's consumer products group.


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