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Chrysler Bows Bluetooth In-Car Communications System

Auburn Hills, Mich. – Chrysler Group became the first company to announce a car communications system based on the user’s own private cellular phone through a Bluetooth interface.

Available this spring through Mopar aftermarket dealers and early 2003 in production cars, the new system includes a display (either through the car radio or rear view mirror) and Bluetooth hands free circuitry which eventually will be built into the car dashboard.

Users with a cellphone on their person can place a call by voice commands. ‘When you place a call it overrides your radio and you can control the volume of the call through the radio and the sound comes out through the car speakers,’ said a spokesman.

Drivers can maintain their personal cellular phone number and retain their current carrier. Or they can sign up for enhanced services through AT&T Wireless. These additional services will be announced in the future.

Chrysler has not yet named its new communications system and pricing has not been determined.

Speaking at a news conference here Chrysler Group CFO Wolfgang Bernard, said, the Chrysler communications system is ‘easier to operate than a VCR.’ He added, ‘We believe it will be the most cost effective offering on the marketplace and we are confident our system will have the best voice recognition.’