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Channel Intelligence Offers Facebook Sales App

Orlando, Fla. –
E-commerce services provider Channel Intelligence (CI) has introduced a new
sales app that helps manufacturers and retailers leverage traffic on Facebook.

CI’s Where-to-Buy
Facebook app allows manufacturers to promote their products via the social-networking
site, and connects potential customers to the retailers that carry them.

“You never know
when the buying moment happens for your customers,” said executive VP and
co-founder Alan Fulmer, who cited Facebook as the world’s second most popular
website, and where people spend up to 20 percent of their online time.

With the new app,
built using CI’s proprietary technology, “customers are only two clicks away
from buying any of your products even if they’re deep in Facebook,” he said. “One
click brings them to a list of retailers who carry the product, and the second
click is a link to the product-specific page on the retailer’s site.”

Fulmer said the
primary reason consumers visit a manufacturer’s Facebook page is to search for
deals, discounts and coupons, indicating their readiness to make a purchase and
creating “buying moments.” The Where-to-Buy app minimizes “noise,” he
explained, because customers remain in their chosen social media environment
while they select a product. Keeping customers on “the buying path” reduces the
risk of losing sales due to the inevitable distractions that pop up on the way
to a retailer’s site, he noted.

CI says it “touched”
14 percent of online product transactions during the first quarter of the year,
driving significant revenue and market share for customers that include Best
Buy, Target, HP Home and Home Office, and Philips.

The company, founded
in 1999, offers a wide range of performance-based e-commerce services, including
product search, display advertising, shopping engines, marketplaces and web