Cerwin-Vega Launches New In-Room Series

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Deerfield Beach, Fla. -


launched its first new home audio products in four years with the introduction of the XLS series of eight in-room speakers, which replaces the CLS series.

The new series consists of four towers priced from $299 to $599 each, a $99 bookshelf, a $149 center channel, and two powered subs at $399 and $499. XLS refines the CLS design and engineering by adding upgraded drivers, horns and baffles to deliver more power handling capacity, improved articulation and intelligibility, and improved low-frequency performance, a spokesperson said.

The series also delivers improved on- and off-axis frequency response through new high- and mid-frequency waveguides, which also deliver smoother response at the crossover regions and greater control of the overall dispersion, the company said. Improved internal bracing and new port dimensions and placement drastically reduce enclosure resonances and port noise.

New cosmetic features add Cerwin-Vega's standard red surround to the midrange drivers, joining the woofers to offer a new look when the grilles are off. The XLS-28 tower uses dual 8-inch woofers to slim down the enclosure.

The towers are the XLS-215 with dual 15-inch woofers at $599 each, XLS-15 with single 15-inch woofer at $499 each, the $349 XLS-12 with single 12-inch woofer, and the $299 XLS-28 with dual 8-inch woofers. The center channel is the $149 XLS-6C with dual 6.5-inch woofers, and the bookshelf is the $99 XLS-6 with single 6.5-inch woofer. The subs are the $499 XLS-15S with 15-inch driver and $399 XLS-12S with 12-inch driver.

Cerwin-Vega home products are sold through from national big-box retailers, including RadioShack, Ritz Camera and Sears as well as such online dealers as Amazon.

Cerwin-Vega's home, car and pro audio businesses were purchased by the Stanton Group in October 2002. Until then, Cerwin Vega had been family-owned since its 1954 founding by Gene Czerwinski. The group, which later sold off the car audio business, also owns studio-monitor maker KRK Systems and Stanton DJ.


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