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CEDIA Expo 2008: ZvBox To Be Demonstrated At Show

ZeeVee (booth 488) will bring its ZvBox Internet TV system and service to custom installers at this week’s CEDIA Expo, here.

The ZvBox receiver ($499 suggested retail) is a set-top box device designed to allow users access to any Internet TV, online video, music or computer content from all HDTVs in the home. To simplify whole-home A/V distribution, ZvBox uses a process it calls “localcasting,” in which stored local media from hard drives or network-attached storage (NAS) devices are connected to any HDTV in the building.

The system distributes signals over a home’s existing coaxial cable wiring, and does not require additional set-top boxes, Ethernet cables or wireless transport systems, the company said.

The included ZvRemote is Windows Media Center compatible and works with select local media players and an increasing number of Internet video portals.

ZeeVee’s ZvBox, which started shipping last month, is billed as one of the first devices that will allow consumers to watch anything they can get online or on their computers on all their HDTVs. By connecting to the monitor output of the computer, ZvBox turns the computer screen into a new private high-definition TV channel called Zv. The channel is then “localcasted” across the existing coaxial wiring to connected TVs.

ZvBox is being offered as a bundle including the ZvRemote through authorized re-sellers from ZeeVee’s distribution partner, D&H, and is available for consumers to purchase at,,,, and at ZeeVee’s Web site (