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CEDIA 2008: SpeakerCraft Entertains, Adds Speakers For Multiple Apps

Denver — SpeakerCraft is entertaining dealers at the CEDIA Expo with regular in-booth shows by the Lucent Dossier performance artists, educating them at private business-training meetings and showing them a range of new custom speakers.

The speakers include the company’s first outdoor speakers that look like in-ground landscape lights, new outdoor Rox speakers, flangeless 3-inch in-ceiling speakers that look like 3-inch can lights and surface-mount speakers for multiple dwelling units. The company is also showing its largest in-ceiling speakers with aimable drivers.

The speakers that look like landscape lights feature 3-inch full-range aluminum drivers whose housings are driven into the ground on a ground spike. The drivers’ housings are aimable, and they can be hidden in flower beds or under bushes.

In replacing its outdoor rock speakers, SpeakerCraft has unveiled the Rox series, which boast improved audio performance, look more rock-like, and feature enclosures made of colored resin to prevent fading over time. They also feature an antitheft feature to secure them to the ground. Four models include a subwoofer.

In expanding its line of Neat flangeless speakers with no visible bezel, SpeakerCraft has launched the smallest models in the series, the Neat 3, which is designed to mimic the look of small in-ceiling can lights. It features a 3-inch full-range driver, so SpeakerCraft recommends the use of a subwoofer. To install the speakers, installers use a two-piece bracket that snaps together inside the wall and is secured to the wall with drywall screws. Spackling up to the round bracket provides a clean edge and leaves only the grille exposed.

The new surface-mount speakers, called Sound Pillows, are two-way models with pivoting tweeter and 5.25-inch woofer. One is round, and the other is square, and they use on-wall enclosures to prevent sound transfer from one dwelling unit to an adjacent unit as often happens with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

In launching its first three-way in-ceiling speakers with aimable drivers, SpeakerCraft unveiled the AIM 10 series, which features a 10-inch pivoting woofer and separately pivoting midrange/tweeter baffle. The AIM 10 is the largest in the AIM series and is designed to deliver higher SPLs and deeper bass than its counterparts. It’s suited for use as a home theater speaker, the company said.

The AIM 10 speaker is available in three versions: one with polypropylene woofer and silk-dome midrange and tweeter; one with aluminum woofer, midrange and tweeter; and one with Kevlar woofer and aluminum/magnesium mid and tweeter.

Pricing on all of the new speakers was unavailable.