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CEA’s Shapiro Addresses IBC Conference

Amsterdam, The Netherlands — Gary Shapiro, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) president/CEO, delivered the keynote address today at the IBC 2007 Conference in Amsterdam, Europe’s largest conference of broadcasters.

In his keynote speech, Shapiro discussed developments that have shaped both the broadcast and the CE industries in the 40 years since the first IBC conference, and also shared his vision of the challenges and opportunities that new media and consumer demand pose for broadcasters in the next 40 years.

“Broadcasters no longer enjoy a monopoly on content delivery,” said Shapiro. “Ears and eyes once devoted exclusively to broadcasters are now being drawn in by new forms of content and new methods of delivery.”

Shapiro also told broadcasters that if they can learn to anticipate consumer demand, adapt quickly and take advantage of their existing assets, there will be a bright future ahead.

“The winners over the next 40 years will be those who have the clearest vision,” he said. “They are able to identify potentially disruptive new channels, recognize consumer trends and yet, go out to meet the challenge.”

Shapiro also congratulated the IBC Council on the 40th anniversary of the IBC Conference. “The consumer electronics industry has worked side by side with broadcasters to inform and entertain consumers across the globe,” said Shapiro. “Together, we have changed lives and made the world better, safer and smarter.”

Shapiro also noted that the 2007 International CES will reflect the “new convergence” of entertainment and consumer electronics in January 2008 when Brian Roberts, chairman/CEO of Comcast, delivers a keynote address.