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CEA, JEDEC Partner For Conference

ARLINGTON, VA. -The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and JEDEC Solid State Technology Association announced a joint partnership to create a new conference titled EdgeTech: Emerging Technologies Showcase.

The conference, showcasing the latest semiconductors to hit the market in the next year, will be held August 19-21, 2001, at the Aladdin Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

EdgeTech will provide companies, engineers, semiconductor buyers, financial market analysts, sales and marketing executives and product managers the opportunity to display new technologies and devices, while offering the industry the chance to learn about these new products while they are still in development.

EdgeTech will consist of three tracks: the first educating attendees on how to build the technology, the second explaining how to produce and sell the technology, and the final track showcasing technology in the marketplace. Companies can also display new technologies recently available on the market in five-minute demonstrations.

“We are pleased and excited to partner with JEDEC to develop this incubator for new technology,” said CEA president/CEO Gary Shapiro. “EdgeTech will provide a substantive venue for individuals to explore the newest developments in the semiconductor and consumer technology marketplace.”

“JEDEC is always looking for ways to showcase the ever-changing advances of the semiconductor industry,” said JEDEC president John Kelly. “By partnering with CEA in the creation of EdgeTech, we believe we have pulled together the best of the semiconductor and consumer technology worlds and helped to produce an event that the industry public should not miss.”