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CEA Hosts HDTV Update Seminars In Key Markets

CEA is holding HDTV update meetings in five markets this fall to bring retailers, broadcasters and cable representatives up-to-date on the state of the HDTV transition.

The meetings are intended to provide a national perspective of where the transition is heading and give local parties an opportunity to discuss ways of working together to achieve greater consumer awareness of HDTV, CEA said.

The five markets, selected based on a strong retail HDTV presence as well as the breadth of digital television (DTV) broadcasters, are as follows: Philadelphia (Sept. 18), Washington (Sept. 19), Boston (Sept. 24), San Francisco (Oct. 16) and Los Angeles (Oct. 17). The breakfast presentations will be hosted by Jim Barry, CEA media spokesperson, and are free of charge. Topics to be covered include HDTV sales results and projections and market research data compiled by CEA.

For information on attending, contact Bob Loder, Golden Loder Associates, (908) 889-8300 x121, or [email protected].