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CEA Foundation Supports Raising The Floor’s Accessibility Database

Arlington, Va. – The CEA Foundation, a charitable foundation affiliated with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), announced its support of Raising the Floor (RtF) with a grant to support expansion of the RtF Unified Listing to include accessibility-compatible consumer electronic products.

The database will enable consumers to easily identify devices that best meet their accessibility needs. Additionally the information will be openly available to be used by existing databases such as the FCC Accessibility Clearinghouse.

Raising the Floor is an international consortium of individuals and organizations working together to ensure that the Internet, and everything available through it, is accessible to people experiencing accessibility barriers due to disability, literacy, digital literacy, or age.

“The work that Raising the Floor is doing mirrors the mission of the CEA Foundation,” said John Shalam, chairman of the CEA Foundation. “This listing will enable consumers to identify which devices best meet their needs, regardless of age or disability,” added Shalam.

This effort includes the expansion of the Unified Listing, as well as the taxonomy and metadata necessary to accurately match consumers with accessibility features in consumer electronic products. The information will enable consumers, industry, and retail to accurately meet accessibility needs.  The product information will also be openly available, to be connected with other accessibility databases.

“Having data on accessibility features in mainstream products and not just assistive technologies makes the listing much more effective and relevant in today’s consumer electronic environment where assistive technologies just aren’t available for many of the technologies that people need. The support of the CEA Foundation, and its assistance in helping to coordinate industry data entry into the listing, is invaluable in accomplishing this,” said Gregg Vanderheiden, co-director of the Raising the Floor Consortium.

The CEA Foundation is a public, national foundation affiliated with the Consumer Electronics Association. For more information visit