CEA Forms Wireless Power Standards Subcommittee

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Arlington, Va. -- The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) today launched a new wireless power technical standards program, the Wireless Power Subcommittee, and encouraged participation by interested companies.

The subcommittee has five active working groups covering nomenclature, regulatory compliance,  efficiency and standby measurement, highly resonant wireless power transfer, and tightly coupled wireless power transfer. 

"CEA offers the industry an ANSI-accredited venue within which to develop technical and interoperability specifications," said Brian Markwalter, CEA's VP of research and standards. "Standards developed through open industry participation promote competition and innovation critical to meeting consumer demand for ease of use, availability and choice."

Wireless power technology streamlines the process of charging portable consumer electronics  devices by eliminating the need to physically connect the device and the charger, CEA said.

"Recent technological advances have made it practical to consider adoption of wireless power technology in portable devices and in the places where devices are used most, including the automobile, the home and office," said Dr. John Suh of General Motors Advanced Technology, and the chair of CEA's Wireless Power Subcommittee. "Multiple technological approaches are represented in our committee and working groups, putting added emphasis on interoperability."

Companies wishing to join CEA's Wireless Power Subcommittee, or any of its working groups, can contact Megan Hayes at


or call (703) 907-7660. More information about CEA Technology and Standards programs is available




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