CEA, CEDIA Update Multiroom-Audio Standard

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Arlington, Va. - CEA and CEDIA have developed an updated multiroom-audio standard that specifies standard ways to wire up a multiroom-audio system.

 With the update, the standard adds details on wiring up multiroom-audio systems that incorporate wireless- and powerline-network technologies as well as cloud-based audio sources.

 The updates, developed by CEA and CEDIA's R10 residential systems committee, are included in the CEA/CEDIA-2030-A: Multi-Room Audio Cabling Standard. "From basic wall-mounted speaker volume controls to the latest in time-sensitive synchronous A/V streaming, this standard will ensure installers are ready to handle any A/V system on the market," said Michael Braithwaite, ClearOne  senior VP and chairman of the R10 Residential Systems committee working group.

 The updated standard also includes sample documentation and diagrams of multiroom audio systems.

This standard improves on the existing ANSI/CEA-2030: Multi-Room Audio Cabling Standard, the associations said.

The CEA/CEDIA-2030-A document is available in the CEDIA Marketplace at


for $57.


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