CE Plans To Triple Recycling By 2016

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The CE industry has launched the eCycling Leadership Initiative, described as a first-ever industry-wide electronics recycling initiative to recycle one billion pounds of electronics annually by 2016, which would be a more than threefold increase over 2010.

The Initiative seeks to improve consumer awareness of the more than 5,000 collection sites currently sponsored by industry; increase the amount of electronics recycled responsibly; increase the number of collection opportunities available; and provide transparent metrics on ecycling efforts. One billion pounds of electronics, if not properly recycled, would fill about 88.9 million cubic feet, equivalent to an entire 71,000-seat NFL stadium.

Gary Shapiro, president/CEO of CEA, said, “Our members have been on the forefront of ecycling advancements, and today a forward-thinking industry is challenging itself to go even further.”

The eCycling Leadership Initiative is a collaboration among consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers, collectors, recyclers, non-governmental organizations and governments at all levels, coordinated by CEA, the association said.

At the event executives from Best Buy, Panasonic, Sony Electronics and Toshiba America Information Systems, among others, addressed their recycling efforts and the goals of the initiative.

The Initiative is also looking at ways to continue to work with the Obama Administration’s Taskforce on Electronics Stewardship, co-chaired by the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and General Services Administration (GSA), that is currently developing a national strategy for responsible electronics recycling.

“The billion pound challenge is about both the quality and quantity of electronics recycling,” said Walter Alcorn, CEA’s environmental affairs and industry sustainability VP said in a statement. “But we won’t stop at a billion pounds. The eCycling Leadership initiative is an ongoing, permanent initiative that will follow the best practices and commitment of industry, including practices that prohibit the use of recyclers and downstream processors who dump end-of-life electronics in developing nations.”

CEA supports the movement toward third-party recycler certification and encourages more recycling in such facilities. Specific to the eCycling Leadership Initiative, the consumer electronics industry supports the voluntary implementation of these recycler certification systems so that the billion pounds is recycled in third-party certified facilities.

Alcorn added, “Through the eCycling Leadership Initiative, the consumer electronics industry is moving toward a national solution and away from the costly and confusing patchwork of state regulations.”

A major component of the initiative will be consumer education, including new online tools and mobile apps. The eCycling Leadership Initiative will bolster the number of collection sites by working with state and local governments, and charities for additional sites.


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