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Car Remote Security/ Convenience System Via Smartphone: Voxx International Car Connection Pro

As more OEM car makers integrate remote starting into their vehicles (and heavily advertise such capabilities), consumers have become acutely aware of the benefits of such things as remote starting, crash notifications and onboard vehicle diagnostics.

During International CES in January, Audiovox Electronics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Voxx International, announced the launch of the Car Connection Pro telematics device. The Car Connection Pro, which plugs into a vehicle’s OBDII port, builds off the company’s original Car Connection device by adding the ability to add a remote start and/or a lock/unlock module.

Using the Car Connection Pro, consumers also have the ability to receive automatic crash notifications, print out vehicle diagnostic reports, and manage a driver’s cellphone use — including eliminating the ability to text while driving.

Users can monitor a vehicle’s GPS location online or from a smartphone in real time, and they can receive notification if the car has been towed. Safety Zones allow parents to set location boundaries and to receive notifications should these boundaries be ignored by their teen drivers.

Tom Malone, president of Audiovox Electronics, said to TWICE: “So much is packed into such a small package … All information is available on your desktop or smartphone. This allows you the ease of maintaining your vehicles overall health and performance from one convenient place.”

He added, “Typically products that allow connectivity to the OBD are single-purpose products that provide only one of the many features that Car Connection Pro affords the user. They’re not usually able to be upgraded to remote start through your smartphone. Car Connection Pro becomes a multi-featured product on its own, but when coupled with a remote start from your smartphone, the smartphone becomes the keys to the ultimate in convenience in accessing information and starting your vehicle. All information is transmitted wirelessly over the cellular network.”