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Capitol To Carry Sennheiser’s Pro Line

Eagan, Minn. – Capitol, CE distributor for residential systems specialists, retailers, integrated systems (IS) contractors, and premium incentive resellers, is now offering the Sennheiser line of professional microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems its customers who serve the commercial installation market.

 “When it comes to mics, headphones and wireless audio systems, Sennheiser is considered the gold standard, and rightfully so,” commented Curt Hayes, Capitol’s president and CFO. “Talk to anybody whose livelihood sometimes depends on designing and installing AV systems for any size venue, and they’ll tell you that Sennheiser has an unshakable reputation for quality, ingenuity and most of all value.”

Capitol said that Sennheiser continually sets new standards for headphones, headsets, microphones and wireless systems. The company’s products can be found in myriad settings, from Broadway theaters and public atriums to lodging, healthcare and retail establishments.

“Not only is Capitol adept at helping IS specialists create and maintain cutting edge audio systems,” said Dawn Birr, sales & marketing VP, Integrated Systems, Sennheiser Electric. “Their sales team is fully capable of helping residential contractors discover new business opportunities in the commercial market. Their approach will help extend our reach to professionals who are first discovering the unquestionable benefits of offering the Sennheiser line.”