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Canon d-SLRs Used For SNL Intro Sequences

Lake Success,
N.Y. – Canon revealed Wednesday that the
opening title sequences for the new season of NBC’s Saturday Night Live
were shot using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D digital-SLR cameras.

The concept behind the opening sequence was portraiture as the
director and crew looked to capture “living” portraits of the city, the cast
and the unique characters that make up the New York City nightlife, Canon said.

The cameras were selected by the show’s crew for the low-light
performance, which enabled capturing natural-looking night scenes without
disruptive flashes or lighting.

The entire sequence was shot using a combination of Canon’s
full-frame EOS 5D Mark II and the selectable frame rates of the EOS 7D d-SLR

The entire segment was captured and edited in a week,
incorporating 30p footage from Canon’s 5D Mark II as well as 60p footage used
for slow-motion segments shot with Canon’s EOS 7D.

The Canon EOS 7D and
EOS 5D Mark II feature full manual exposure control and more than 50 Canon EF
lenses, shooting on two of large HD video sensors.