Brightpoint Gets ‘Green' Award


Indianapolis - Brightpoint has received the prestigious EcoVisionary Award for its wireless device recycling initiatives.

The EcoVisionary Awards recognize companies that incorporate sustainability into their short- and long-term strategic plans. The award was presented to Brightpoint based on its program with Flipswap to offer wireless device recycling services to Brightpoint customers throughout Europe.

Through the shared program, consumers are offered an incentive to turn in unwanted devices for resale or recycling. All devices are accepted, even ones that no longer hold any economic value, in order to protect the environment.

EcoVisionary Award information was collected from hundreds of independent green business consultants, individual corporate sustainability officers, Fortune's green ratings, Newsweek's green rankings, Bloomberg's Sustainability Index, The Dow Jones Sustainability Index, The Global 1000 Sustainable Performance Leaders and other public sources.

Verification, judging and selection were overseen by The Green Business League. In addition, award winners in each category were selected based on information provided by the company on their past accomplishments, present initiatives and, most importantly, their plan and vision for the next three to five years. Additional information can be found at



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