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BrightLine Unveils Connected TV Ad Systems

New York – BrightLine, a decade-old provider of “rich media” TV advertising, introduced Wednesday a proprietary suite of interactive TV ad products for connected television platforms.

The company said it is now offering the next generation of TV services enhanced with “connectivity.” The spots will enable more turnkey experiences for marketers with greater levels of user engagement, the company said.

BrightLine’s rich media experiences have been compatible and running on all available national platforms including DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FiOS, Cablevision, and others.

Advertisers are given the ability to convert viewers’ encounters with 30-second commercials into extended brand interactions.

Experiences include long-form video libraries, branded games, recipe galleries, exclusive offers, interactive look-books, personalized recommendation tools, car-builders, and other rich interactivity that BrightLine provides.

BrightLine said it’s universal design and execution platform will now be compatible across the connected TV universe, covering smart TVs, connected consoles, and newly connected boxes from traditional cable/satellite/telecom distributors.

BrightLine offers marketers and agencies a universal design and execution across a national footprint, covering the array of interactive TV platforms reaching over 90 million homes.  Top clients include L’Oreal USA, American Express, General Motors, Unilever, and others.

“What’s next for TV as an ad medium? There’s no question that it is one, singular rich experience consumers have with your brand, seamlessly integrated into the ways we spend 30+ hours a week watching TV on our television.”

The new suite of BrightLine rich media TV products includes new enhanced functionality including:

•     Social connectivity – enabling dynamic integration of feeds from all popular social networks/applications, and the ability to share via remote control.

•      Dynamic content – content and messaging targeted to viewers based on prior behavior and household demographic data.

•      Commerce – the ability to make purchases on TV.

•      Rich, real-time data – in addition to richer data feeds, clients can also embed partner tags.

•      Real-time optimization – long a bugaboo of advertisers in iTV more broadly, BrightLine’s next-generation of ad products can be optimized/updated in real-time.

BrightLine is using connectivity and HTML5 TV experiences in its advertising systems to replace fragmented retrofit solutions in a dying infrastructure and outdated technology, the company said.

 “BrightLine’s expanded product offering provides the things marketers love about digital, only with deeper engagement and more options, and the reach they love about TV,” according to Rob Aksman, BrightLine co-founder. “The injection of connectivity and HTML5 into BrightLine’s already vast portfolio of products further expands the options for providing a level of richness on TV we know marketers, and more importantly viewers, want.”