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Bose Files Trademark Suit Against CEDIA Over ‘Electronic Lifestyles’

A trademark suit filed against CEDIA by one of its members, Bose, is “ludicrous,” said CEDIA president Ray Lepper.

Bose filed suit in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to cancel four federal trademark registrations for CEDIA’s “Electronic Lifestyles” trademark, which the association began using in 1995. In 1998 and 1999, CEDIA said it received four federal trademark registrations for “Electronic Lifestyles.”

Bose markets loudspeakers under the “Lifestyle” name and claims that CEDIA’s “Electronic Lifestyles” trademark so resembles Bose’s “Lifestyle” trademark as to cause confusion, CEDIA said. The association denies that contention and is defending itself before the trademark office.

Said Lepper, “We are extremely disappointed that Bose has taken this drastic action to cancel CEDIA’s trademark registrations. CEDIA is a non-profit trade association dedicated to improving our members’ businesses and promoting the custom electronic industry. CEDIA does not manufacture or sell loudspeakers , or any physical product under the `Electronic Lifestyles’ trademark. We believe it is ludicrous for Bose to maintain that our trade association’s `Electronic Lifestyles’ mark could give rise to confusion based on Bose’s ‘Lifestyle’ line of loudspeakers.”

He added, “To sue one’s own association is wholly inconsistent with the spirit of cooperation and sacrifice that is the hallmark of the true CEDIA member.”