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Big Ass Fans Out In The Smart Home

Big Ass Solutions, the supplier of high-end Wi-Fi-enabled ceiling fans, created a new division to expand its home-automation portfolio to lighting, HVAC, and lower priced ceiling fans at half the price of the company’s premium Wi-Fi fans, which start at $999.

The Wi-Fi-connected products integrate with the Nest Learning Thermostat, Amazon’s Echo, and LIFX’s White 800 LED bulb.

Unlike other home-automation systems, Haiku products respond to human presence. The system incorporates a suite of SenseME technologies consisting of built-in temperature, humidity, light and occupancy sensors that automate the operation of Haiku products. For Haiku fans, for example, fan speed adjusts automatically as the temperature in the room changes, and fans turn on when an occupancy sensor detects people in the room. Haiku lights turn on and off automatically based on occupancy and dim automatically based on ambient light. SenseME also includes scheduling functions, a learning mode, and third-party integration with products such as the Nest Learning Thermostat.

The products consist of the following:

Haiku L-series fan/light: Shipping in January at $450, the 52-inch fan achieves its lower price point via a newly developed motor and a narrower range of size and finish options. SenseME occupancy detection is built into the fan to turn on when people are detected. Its built-in LED light has 16 brightness settings.

It comes with hand-held IR remote, but it accepts an optional Wi-Fi module so it can be controlled via Wi-Fi from the in-wall Haiku Wall Control.

Haiku Wall Control: Shipping in January at $125, the in-wall controller connects all Haiku products via Wi-Fi. It is bundled with a separate Wi-Fi module that’s inserted into the fan. The Wall Control adds SenseME’s temperature-, humidity-, and occupancy-sensing technology to products that don’t have it built in to save energy by, for example, running fans and lights only when people are present.

It enables multiple Haiku products to be grouped for synchronized, automated control, and it groups and syncs up to 16 devices, including third-party products such as the LIFX White 800 Wi-Fi LED bulb. A built-in temperature sensor “ensures thermostat-grade accuracy,” the company said.

Wi-Fi enables one-touch firmware updates and permits grouping even when Haiku devices are not on the same electrical circuit.

Haiku Designer-series Light: Due in April and starting at $149, the lights fit recessed or flush-fixture ceiling fixtures. They enable the grouping of multiple lights, feature motion sensing for automatic on and off, and feature timer and scheduling functions. Active Light Equalization adjusts brightness levels based on ambient light to reduce energy use. Color temperature is adjustable in the top model from amber 2200K to 5000K cool white.

They’re available in black, white, polished aluminum, satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

Haiku HVAC: A connected heating and cooling system is said to be coming soon. It will feature a condenser unit and interact with Haiku Wall Control, Haiku fans and Haiku lights to respond to environmental conditions and save energy by reducing the power needed to heat and cool a room.