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BG Introduces THX Ultra2 In-Wall Subwoofer

BG and THX are introducing the BG BX-4850, an in-wall subwoofer that incorporates design concepts and technology developed by THX, during International CES at the Renaissance Hotel.

The BG BX-4850 is the first in-wall subwoofer to achieve THX Ultra2 certification, and the first audio product to incorporate THX Balanced Bass-line, a proprietary new THX technology for delivering vibration-free bass from a very compact speaker design, the companies said.

The BX-4850 Ultra2 In-Wall Subwoofer uses advanced THX technology, and it promises to deliver incredible bass performance with minimal distortion — particularly in very large venues, the companies said.

It consists of four modules, each containing 12 micro-precision woofers, with their own enclosures, arranged in balanced pairs. The four modules have a total radiating area equal to a conventional 24-inch subwoofer, yet fit completely inside a standard 2-inch by 4-inch stud-wall. All that is visible to the listener is a tall, slim grill 26-inches high and 4 inches wide (per module). The subwoofer modules are entirely self-contained, and do not to rely on the wall cavity in which they reside, or a separate back-box, to deliver resonance-free, natural bass.

Powered by a total of 2,400 watts of power, the BX-4850 THX Certified Ultra2 subwoofer is capable of producing lifelike playback levels with even the most demanding entertainment content. The amplification, digital signal processing and control are all contained within two 1.5u high, 19-inch rack mountable controller/amplifier units.

THX Ultra2 Certification is designed for home audio enthusiasts and offers uncompromised playback of multichannel movies, music and games, and incorporates new features and power requirements for premium home theater receivers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers and speakers that can distribute an optimal soundstage across wide viewing areas in dedicated home theaters.

The new BG BX-4850 Ultra2 subwoofer is expected to be available through authorized BG dealers in the spring.