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Best Buy Enhancing Home Theater ‘Experience’

Minneapolis — Best Buy will begin bringing elements of its Magnolia Home Theater showrooms to the selling floors of its flagship stores.

According to senior executives, the company will employ a total solution selling approach to large screen TVs that is expected to boost attachment sales of audio products and home installation services.

President/COO Brian Dunn, speaking to investors during a conference call this morning, said the enhancement was prompted by store-level employees who perceived sales opportunities for complete home theater systems and services beyond Best Buy’s targeted upscale demographic, and outside the walls of the in-store Magnolia shops.

Dunn said the effort demonstrates the efficacy of Best Buy’s customer centricity model, which empowers employees, differentiates customers and promotes end-to-end sales.

Best Buy plans to “differentiate the home theater experience” in about 200 stores this year by making it as compelling as the Magnolia shops and more accessible to all shoppers, Dunn said.

In addition to the home theater area, the company will also make further investments in Geek Squad’s service capabilities and to Best Buy’s in-store gaming areas. The enhancements are timed to capitalize on Microsoft’s launch of its new Vista operating system and the rollout of the new PlayStation III and Nintendo Wii gaming platforms this fall.

The Geek Squad investment includes the creation of Geek Squad City, a centralized service depot in Memphis that is designed to deliver productivity gains and improve the customer experience.