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BDI-Laguna Is Now ArchBrook Laguna

BDI-Laguna, a distributor of consumer electronics and computer products, has been renamed ArchBrook Laguna.

Peter Handy, executive VP, told TWICE the new name more accurately reflects the names of the two formerly independent operating companies that currently make up the company as well as the business group that helped to bring them together in 2000.

The name change, which officially went into effect Jan. 16, is said to coincide with the completion of a series of investments made by the company over the past few years in both its physical and technological infrastructures. These investments have yielded a series of changes including the recent relocation of its New Jersey and Georgia facilities, the addition of warehouse automation tools in its locations, and technological upgrades to its external communications structure and its internal efficiencies structures.

This series of changes, according to Handy, “made us scalable” and opened up new opportunities for growth.

As for how the new name change might affect its customers, Handy told TWICE it “doesn’t affect how we do business” and that the company will still essentially operate as it did when it was called BDI-Laguna.

Handy said, “We’ll always be a distributor in the classic sense of the word,” adding that as the business has evolved, the company has also come to consider itself a “supply chain partner,” a term which he said refers to the increasing role the company plays in working both with its retail customers and manufacturing partners to ensure that its retailers are able to access the appropriate products they require to meet the needs of their consumer audience.

The company’s new identity will be most visible to outsiders via its new corporate logo and its redesigned Web site at