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Bay Audio Adds Home-Speaker Tuning Service

Poway, Calif. — Speakers launched by Bay Audio will be the company’s first available with on-site factory tuning service to tailor response to individual rooms.

The PTM+ lineup, available to integrators, consists of in-room speakers, subwoofers and an in-wall speaker.

For consumers, Bay Audio sends a technician to the purchaser’s home to calibrate output levels, equalization, time alignment and other adjustable system parameters via “all of the outboard tuning capabilities at our disposal based on the related electronics in the system,” a spokesperson said.

Tuning is included in any purchase that is retail-priced at $20,000 and more, so all home-theater speaker systems would be eligible for tuning.

“PTM+ differentiates our brand and in turn, helps our dealers differentiate themselves in a competitive market,” added CEO Ira Friedman. “The PTM+ concept gives our dealers access to the engineering expertise at Bay Audio as a resource, enabling them to create the most satisfying home-theater environment for each client.”

The lineup includes a compact speaker, high-output monitor, center-channel speaker, in-wall speaker, bass staging module, and three subwoofers. The in-room speakers feature 1-inch MDF cabinets veneered inside and out to balance and protect the material, multiple internal braces to eliminate unwanted resonances, and an energy dispersion pad behind each premium grade driver to absorb unwanted vibrations, the company said.

Because the speakers were developed with on-site tuning in mind, engineers were freed “to concentrate on building loudspeakers with incredible headroom, stunningly low levels of distortion and smooth off-axis dispersion,” the company said.

 Bay, founded in 1998, offers custom-installed in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, in-room bookshelf speakers, subwoofers, custom-size passive horizontal and vertical LCR soundbars, hidden speakers that turn a wall’s surface into a speaker diaphragm, and landscape speakers.