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Axiom Intros High-End PC Speakers

New York — Canadian high-end loudspeaker maker Axiom Audio has introduced its first product for the multimedia speaker market.

The AudioByte is a three-SKU series that differs in the type of cabinet provided. Each comes with two speakers and a separate 110-watt amplifier. A sub-woofer is also available for each model for an additional $179. The speakers are 6.5-inches tall and 4-inches wide and feature a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter, and a 3-inch aluminum cone woofer.

Axiom’s products only sell through the company’s Web site, and these latest models are expected to be available this month. Shipping is free of charge anywhere in North America.

“We feel there is a niche for a powerful, high-end PC speaker system,” said Alan Lofft, Axiom’s senior audio/video expert.

The entry-level unit, $349, is enclosed in a synthetic material available in several different finishes, said Lofft. The step-up model has a faux wood finish and sells for $399. The top-end system is made of hand-lacquered walnut and will sell for $559.

The speakers are designed to play music or game audio.

Lofft said, Axiom is considering following up the AudioByte line with a full 5.1-channel version.